Middle&Large Mold

Our tooling shop of medium & large mold dedicates to serving the big size of automotive parts, health care equipments, home appliance and industrial products and so on. With possesses of a series of large mold processing device including CNC centre which can reach 2.1 meter, two head EDM, gun drill & Big Fitting Machine, the maximum mold we can make weight 15 tons. We have shipped over 1500 sets midium & large molds to our overseas customer already, majority as the complex large-size Automotive parts.

The equipments for making Medium-Large Mold

Two-head EDMGun Drill
CNC t-18 1800mmBig Fitting Machine

Medium-Large Mold:

Medium-Large Molded parts:

Wheel coverlight housing
DashboardAutomotive Interior1
Automotive Interior2monitor back
big printerbasket
automotive partautomotive lights

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