Mold maintain

In order to protect customer's deposited mold in our factory, we have assigned the specialists to carry out the regular maintenance of the mold at our appointed site.

1. Daily maintenance: Molds are checked & maintained by in-charge technician once per 12 hours. Keep record on the daily report.

2. Periodical maintenance:
30T~100T:  Maintain mold once per 60000 shot part which mould is running for
150T~160T: Maintain mold once per 50000 shot part which mould is running for
220T~350T: Maintain mold once per 40000 shot part which mould is running for

3. Appearance maintenance: spray grease on the edge of mold to prevent rusting. Spray anti-rust grease to the cavity while mold is took off from injection machine; Mold shall be kept well in case of dusty. Appearance maintenance job should be done by mold keeper and operator.

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